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Externally powered Realfish station with GPRS

We are now launching a new version of the Realfish station with two highly requested features!

No Batteries

By connecting this station directly to the electrical grid, you can reduce operating costs significantly! It also means less maintenance, and you spare the environment for unnecessary waste from battery usage.

Affordable data transfer

We have exchanged the satellite transmitter with a regular GPRS / 3G transmitter for the mobile network. This fits perfectly for coastal locations with mobile coverage. This significantly reduces data transfer costs, and also allows you to make measurements more frequently than today.


We offer a favorable upgrade deal for all last-generation Realfish stations (6000 Series). Please contact us to get further details.

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Supported sensorsOxygen, salinity and currents
Maximum number of sensors4
Cable lengths6, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100m
Power supplyAC 220V
Data transferGPRS/3G
Included equipmentFastening bracket for cages with strain relief for cables
Installation time5 minutes

Realfish Web

With Realfish, you can quickly and easily access your environmental data through our user-friendly website tailored for fish farmers. This enables you to follow the state of your locations in real-time and you can even set up SMS alerts for critical parameters. We take care of all your data and you can export them to Excel at any time, or generate reports tailored to your needs.